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Human! Signless (Seamus) x Male! Reader
~We had one drink, and then...~

   (Y/n) listens to his friend go on and on about how people "didn't understand his teachings."
"I swear, it's aggravating that nobody gets it!" Seamus groans. (Y/n) nods, only half listening.
"That's why we're going out tonight. You need to let off some steam, dude." Hearing him rant 24/7  gets really annoying after a while.
They arrive at the bar/night club. (Y/n) parks the car fairly close to the entrance.
"Why am I the designated driver?!" groans Neil (the Grand Highblood, for you readers at home).
"Because you're underage. That's why. Plus, you're the best driver out if the three of us. We asked Sakura (The Handmaid, for you guys reading),  but she didn't want to even step foot near a bar. And asking Fennel (Also known as Orphaner Dualscar)  was a worthless enterprise. He hates us both." (Y/n) states matter of factly. They exit the car, the music of the club pounding loudly.


"Weeee!" (Y/n) yells happily. He is drunk off his bum, but Seamus is far worse than (y/n). His cheeks are a fiery red color, whereas (y/n)'s were just slightly pink. It didn't take much for him to get drunk, but Seamus drank a LOT more than he did, so it took longer.
Seamus dances with one of the strippers. Neil laughs loudly as he stumbles and falls. Seamus leaves the dance floor, stumbling over to you.
"Hey. Hey. (Y/n)." He slurs.
"Yeah, *hic* Seamus?" He asks, hiccuping halfway through his response.
"I love you, ya know that?" Seamus slurs. (Y/n) has a lopsided grin on his face.
"Love ya too, dork muffin." He slaps his friends shoulder.


"And then you told me you loved me!"
"You've got to be kidding..."
"I'm not, dude. It was pretty fucking hilarious." (Y/n) says with a laugh. "You also danced with a stripper." Seamus groans at this.
"This is why I don't go out to a club with you, (y/n). I always end up doing something stupid."
"Oh come on, Seamus. I know you had fun."
"I can't lie about that. It was a lot of fun, unwinding and letting loose like that." Seamus says with a chuckle. He looks (y/n) in the face and grabs his shoulders.
"Hey (y/n)."
"Yeah?" (Y/n) looks at Seamus with a quirked brow.
"What if I told you that when I said "I love you", I meant it?" A blush spreads across (y/n)'s face. He smirks.
"What I told you I loved you too?" He kisses Seamus' nose. He kisses (y/n)'s lips. The other responds with a happy smile.
"You're such a sappy dork, Seamus."
"Shut your mouth, (y/n)."
"Love you too, babe."
Human! Signless x Male! Reader
So here's a human Signless x Male Reader!
I had to give the Signless a name here, and Seamus seemed to fit the best.
HoNk :o)

    He feels the blood spatter his shirt. The thrill of another death. The sight of blood pooling beneath him.
The thrill of the hunt was intoxicating to Gamzee. The many colors staining his once black shirt looked like a rainbow of color.
He hears a crunch. His head whips around. A troll girl stands there. She bolts off in a random direction. Gamzee chases after her. He wonders what color her blood is. She had double horns. Maybe yellow?
Her powerful legs carry her through the area. It's a place she knows all too well as an officer for the Alternian forces. She had merely been out on a stroll, until the screams of a low-blood entice her to investigate further.
Big mistake.
Brisii is running faster now. Her body begins to tire, and she trips over her own feet.
"Fuck! God damn!" She struggled to get up. She is stopped by a foot on her back.
"Let me go you son of a-" She is cut off. By a loud horn.
Blood spatters as she is hit with the juggling club. Gamzee laughs as the blood pours. He discovers she bore the same blood color as him. The female's body is whacked twice more, to ensure death.
He watches the blood pour.
The blood pooling.
The thrill of the hunt.
The thrill of another death.
The adrenaline high.
It's all a sick fantasy. Watching the suffering of another troll is something he enjoys with a passion. He burns the body. The planet would know of her sudden disappearance within a few days, given her status on the social ladder.
He wishes he could have used it for his carnival. She would have made a lovely addition to the gallery of dolls there.
He smiles evilly as the smell of burning flesh hits his nostrils.

HoNk :o)
I don't even know what the hell this is. I blame my playlist of rock songs for this one. :/
I put Brisii, my purple blooded OC, here. I love to torture her with various gore fics.
I know, I'm an ass to her. XD
Anyways, please enjoy!
Human! Kurloz x Reader
~Red String of Fate~

    She never understood why she had a crush on him. He smoked, he drank, he played electric guitar for a punk rock band. He was resident badass at (y/n)'s school. He had rowdy black hair and his face was painted when he went out anywhere. He had piercings on his lower lip and on his upper ear.
She was a nerdy girl. She played video games like Pokemon and was an experienced FLARP player. She was never seen without her DS and comic books. She constantly worried about her grades, even though she was a straight A student. She had never even considered the idea of smoking or drinking once.
They were polar opposites.
So why did she love him?
(Y/n) never believed in the notion that opposites attract. She believed that there was a red string of fate tied between two people. It would stretch, knot, and tangle, but never break.
She sits at her desk. Her Geometry teacher is describing the process of finding the length of an arc. He passes out the worksheet and leaves the class to solve the problems on it.
"(Y/n)? Can you come here please?" The teacher asks. She complies fearing she is in some sort of trouble. Kurloz is standing there too. He smiles politely at her. She blushes, and returns the smile.
"I would like you to tutor Kurloz. You are the best in my class, and I would really like to see you interact more with other students." The man explains. (Y/n) nods shyly. The teacher smiles.
"Thank you, (y/n). You may return to your seat." She does so in a rush. A few moments later, she feels someone tap her shoulder. She looks behind her to see Kurloz.
"Can you help a bro out? I'm having trouble with one of the problems..." He signs. Oh yeah. She forgot momentarily that he was mute.
"Oh, yeah! Here's how you do it..."


She really enjoyed tutoring the quiet boy. He was a lot of fun to be around. He cracked jokes and made witty comments that made (y/n) giggle.
But Kurloz had been acting strangely for the past month. He was shy around her, and his cheeks were always a pinkish color for some reason.
She was currently hanging out at his house. His older brother, Neil (he called himself the Grand Highblood) was really sweet whenever she came over. Gamzee, Kurloz's younger brother, was always chill. He seemed to have not a care in the world.
"Hey Kurloz?" She asks.
"Yes, (y/n)?" He signs back with a quirked brow.
"You've been acting weird lately. What's up?" Kurloz goes red in the face. Whatever it was, it seemed he was embarrassed to talk about it.
"If you don't want to talk about it, it's cool. I can respect that," She says with a smile.
"No, I need to tell you." He signs, his cheeks going darker.
"We've been friends for a very long time, (y/n). But I have been experiencing an attraction that goes beyond the boundaries of friendship. I don't want to ruin what we have by saying this, but... I love you. I want to be there for you. I want to be by your side not as your friend, but your lover." Her (e/c) eyes widen.
Kurloz Makara.
He smoked. He drank. He was an all around punk.
She was nerdy. She played Pokemon and read comic books meant for twelve year old boys. She was a geek.
She loved him.
And he loved her.
The girl kisses him shyly, catching him off guard. He kisses back. A few, tender moments later, they pull apart.

"The red string of fate that ties two people together may stretch, knot, and tangle, but never break.
Eridan x Troll! Reader
~Forever and Always~

Trigger Warning: Coarse Language, Spoilers

3 sweeps old

     "I don't want to go! Dualscar is a meanie!" The Condesce pushes her charge onwards to Dualscar and Eridan's hive.
"You'll be fine, (y/n). He's not going to cull you." (Y/n) pouts.
"I better get to play with Eridan... Cronus and I tried to play once, but he was being scary..." The little troll girl squeezes her scale-mate plushie.


"What will we do first, (y/n)?" Eridan asks as he lays flat on the floor of his respite-block.
"I don't know. Miss Condesce left me here for the night, and we have nothing to do!" The little girl flips over onto her stomach. She catches a glimpse of a deck of cards on his desk.
"Can you show me some magic tricks?"
"Sure. I can teach you some too!"
After the small show and tell of what he called "science tricks", the two trolls sit by the window, staring out into the night sky.
"Hey (y/n)?"
"Yeah Eridan?"
"Let's make a pinky promise." He extents his pinky out wards. "To be Moirails, forever and always."
"Okay!" Their pinkies link, and the two children smile.
"Forever and always!"


7 sweeps old

     "Fef hates me, I know it! I knew she wouldn't return my feelings, but I told her anyways! I'm an idiot!" Eridan was crying over being rejected by Feferi. Not only was he rejected, but Feferi had cut off their moiraillegiance. He was crushed by it, so (y/n) sat and comforted him.
"Hey (y/n)?"
"Yeah Eridan?"
"Y-you won't leave me... Right?" He asks sadly. His violet eyes are filled with tears.
"No! I would never." She responds sincerely. She holds out a pinkie finger.
"Not after the promise we made."
Eridan cracks a small smile. He links his pinkie with hers.
"Let's promise to be Moirails." He says.
"Forever and always."
Forever and Always-Eridan x Troll! Reader
A fluffy fic based on an event in Homestuck. You're welcome.
Warning! May contain spoilers!
~Fan fiction~

      Eridan sits in his hive, playing some video games. He is currently winning the free-for-all online match in Halo 3. He stabs another player and smirks.
"What the fuck? You stole my kill!" A high pitched (mostly likely a twelve year-old) voice yells into the headset. Eridan chuckles darkly.
"You do what you can to win. You don't like it? Tough it, buddy." Eridan notices the countdown to the match's end is almost over. He watches the clock tick down to zero.
"Looks like I've won. Great game."


"Well, I'm bored out of my bloody skull..." Eridan browses deviantart with a poker-faced expression. He comes across a story titled "EriSol non-con." He clicks on it, and begins reading.


"What the fuck ith wrong with you, ED?" Sollux watches as Eridan reads the story with a flabbergasted look. The yellow blooded troll begins to read over his shoulder.
"...Are you really this flexible, Sol?"

Fan fiction-EriSol
So here's a joke fic for EriSol.
EriSol is my black-rom OTP. I just love it so much.
Enjoy this! :3
So I recently got on Instagram.
I need help stomping a bitch out. (Excuse my improper language.)
Her user is bish_u_fake.
If you could join my army of defense, I would be most grateful!
My Instagram, in case you wanted to know:


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