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Aradia Megido by invadersharie
Aradia Megido
It's been a while since I've actually submitted any digital drawings, eh? 0u0
Just decided to try some things out. Little tricks I've picked up from timberwolfking (Check her out! She's starting a comic series, and it looks really promising, imo), squidbuscuit (awesome artist btw), and other artists I enjoy.
I also have access to my art iPod, (my art program take up lots of storage, so...) and to celebrate, I drew Aradia for the first time! Not too shabby, if you ask me.
Anyways, enjoy! 0u0
Equius x Reader
~Slumber Party Confession~

     She laughs at all the little squabbles and general shenanigans taking place in her living room. She had invited all her friends to a slumber party, because why not? She had nothing to do, and neither did any of her friends.
Her (h/l) (h/c) hair is tied back in a ponytail, and her square-framed glasses are perched upon her nose like some sort of king or queen. Her friend Eridan had given them to her as a birthday (he called it "wriggling day") present, and she had worn them so often, it was odd now to see her without them.
She grabs a set of four Wii controllers and one of her favorite games: Super Smash Bros Brawl. It's a great way to get a party together, and plus, it was tons of fun.
"Gather round, children! For tonight, we engage in a harrowing tournament of strength and wits, to determine which of us is worthy of the SSBB "Crown of Champions!" She looks around for something hat-like, and finds a Burger King paper crown. She grabs it and holds it up for all to see.
"The winner shall be dubbed "King Smashdude" and rule the party! Aka: decide what I order for dinner, which I probably should have done earlier but forgot to because shit happened and oh well." She turns her gaze to Equius.
"And I wish to challenge the noble Knight Equius in a one-on-one battle, just because I feel like it. You in or not, hun?" Equius rolls his eyes with an amused grin.
"Must you call me Knight Equius?"
"Because that's your class in World of Warcraft, right?"
Equius chuckles, that amused grin still plastered on his face.
"I'm a paladin, (y/n). Not a knight. That's not even a class in WoW."
"Okay, Paladin Equius. Whatever! Now are you going to accept or not?"
He smirks now, a confident air about him.
"Alright, (y/n). I accept your challenge."


~Equius POV~

Most of the guests were passed out in random corners of (y/n)'s house. Karkat had fallen asleep nestled in the curtains, Terezi was on the floor, cuddling her red scalemate plush, and Gamzee had (miraculously) gotten stuck in a tree and decided to sleep there for the night. The only ones up were yourself, (y/n), and Eridan, who was tapping away at his phone. The sea-dweller scoffs at something he sees (most likely some stupid joke he had gotten offended by yet again) and types away angrily.
"Hey Equius?" She says, her voice much quieter than earlier. She brings a mug of cocoa (odd, since it's nearly April. This reminds you it's nearly John's birthday, and you need to do something for that) with some marshmallows in it. She has what seems to be a mountain of them in hers. You take a sip of the drink, melting a little inside at how delicious it is.
"Why is there a mountain of marshmallows in your cocoa, (y/n)?" You've long since stopped questioning her intentions, or scolding her for being foolish. You've found that it's much harder than it seems to quell her insanity. You've also found that you like it better when you let her do what she does. It's more fun that way.
"I felt like it." She takes a sip, trying to get all the marshmallows, and failing, much to her chagrin. "Can I ask you something?"
You set down your mug and look at her with a stern, yet gentle, expression.
"You can ask me anything. We've been friends long enough that you can ask or say anything to me."
She sets down her mug now, and twiddles her thumbs nervously. Her cheeks dust a faint pink, and yours dust just the slightest shade of blue.
"I've been having some conflicting feeling lately. And after thinking it over, I've decided that... I really like you, Eq. Now, my question is... Would you be my matesprit...?"
Your cheeks turn a dark blue hue. You are left dumbfounded. You had felt the same way for ages, maybe longer than she had herself. You feel yourself begin to sweat out of nervousness. You have no idea what an appropriate response to this sort of thing would be.
She takes your (apparently) long silence as some sort of rejection. She averts her (e/c) eyes from your indigo blue ones.
"It's alright if you don't feel the same. I'm a big girl: I can handle-MMPH?!" You cut her off with an excited kiss, your hands cupping her face as gently as you can manage (what with your apparent inability to control your strength) and squeal inside when she kisses back. You pull away for air shortly after, and you hug her tightly, without crushing her bones to dust.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to say that to you, (y/n)." She laughs, and you blush.
"I think I can guess. Now let go, I'm starting to lose oxygen." You let go, a hand scratching the back of your neck sheepishly. She nestles herself in your neck, and you gently lay your head on top of her own.
"I love you, Equius," she says as he kisses your cheek.
"I love you too, (y/n)."

Equius x Reader-Slumber Party Confession
Okay, so I've found I really like writing for Equius. So here's a little Equius x Reader drabble I wrote to pass the time.
I really like the idea of Equius playing WoW. It just seems cool. Plus, I used to play all the time. Most fun game I have ever played. Ever.
Please excuse any grammatical errors in the story. The app won't let me edit deviations (they should fix that) and my phone's browser is an ass.
Also, please excuse any OOCness here. This is just a thing I wrote for no good reason, and hasn't been proof-read and blah.
With that said, please enjoy! I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism you have to offer!

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Story (c) Me
You (c) Equius (or yourself, whichever you wanna roll with!)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
Duke it Out
Equius x Troll! Reader (Equius ♠︎ Reader)

tw: #impliedblackrom #triggeringlanguage

"You piece of shit!"
"Scum of Alternia."
She growls angrily at the blue-blooded troll. Equius balls his hands into a fist. He growls, fist shaking.
"Why don't you come show me how much you want to hurt me?" She says smugly.
"Are you black-flirting with me?"
"Why does that matter? We all know you're black for me, you blue-blood scum." Equius smacks her, a (b/c) bruise quickly showing on her face. She grabs his jaw in her hands and brings his face closer to hers.
"I will fucking shove my foot so far up your ass, you'll taste the dirt under my shoe for sweeps." He simply hotels at her, then roughly kisses her. She responds just as roughly, the two of them battling it out with their tongues. She pulls his hair, and he grabs her horns. She grunts into the kiss. They pull apart, panting for breath.
"I fucking hate you."
"Shut your fucking protein shoot, Equius."
"Get a fucking room, nook-whiffers! None of us want to see you hate-make out!" Karkat yells from his husktop desk.

Duke it Out: Equius x Troll! Reader (blackrom)
Just a quickie I wrote to pass the time.
The idea of a blackrom fic would just not leave me alone. It persisted.
Anyways, enjoy!

Equius, Karkat (c) Andrew Hussie, What Pumpkin
Reader-chan (c) You (or Equius. You decide.)
Bordered Chibi England by invadersharie
Bordered Chibi England
Another Photoshop thing that just sort of...happened. I played with the program a bit, and this came to life. I'll try to remember how I did this exactly, then post a tutorial if I'm up to it.

Ah, it's been a while since I've posted in the Hetalia fandom, eh? Today just happens to be that sort of day, I suppose. I've always really liked Iggy for some reason. Dunno why though.
Hope you enjoy this thing.

Original artworks (c) original artists.
Photoshopped work (c) invadersharie
The Vast Expletive by invadersharie
The Vast Expletive
Kids, this is why I'm not allowed to use Photoshop.
I make things with feeeeeeeels.
And that's a very bad thing.

So yeah... This was a Photoshop assignment that I did. I had a lot of fun making it, so I may post a tutorial as soon as my spring break ends.
Lots of fun, this one. It took forever to find the right brush filter, but once I did, it was easy as motherfuckin sopor pie. :o)

Original artwork (c) Andrew Hussie
Photoshopped work (c) invadersharie
So I recently got on Instagram.
I need help stomping a bitch out. (Excuse my improper language.)
Her user is bish_u_fake.
If you could join my army of defense, I would be most grateful!
My Instagram, in case you wanted to know:


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