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July 5, 2013
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                                                                Bubble Berry x Unicorn!Reader(part 2)
                                                                                  Best Night Ever
                                                        You stared at your cupcake that the bubbly pony had given you just moments ago.It was vanilla,had bright blue frosting,and it was topped with sprinkles and a little plastic balloon.You took a bite of the cupcake.'This is delicious!',you thought as you ate.'I have to thank him after I check in to the inn I'm staying at.',you thought,taking another bite of the delicious cupcake.You soon arrived at the Sunny Bell Inn,pushing open the door with your magic.The lobby was bigger than you had first thought,with nature paintings on the walls,and some potted plants here and there.You walked towards the desk.
"How may I help you?",the unicorn who was there said,not once looking up from the desktop that was in front of him.
"Hello,I'm (pony name),I'm here to check in."He pulled a card out of a drawer next to him,and handed it to you with his dark blue magic.You took it with your own,and noticed it was blank white.
"You're in room 212,elevator is in the hall to the left.",he said with a fake smile plastered on his face.You thanked him,and went to find the elevator.You were soon at your room.You slid in the card key,and a beeped sounded.You opened the door,and you were greeted by a woosh of cold air.You shivered a bit as you brought in your luggage.As soon as your were done,you slipped on your saddle bags,putting the card key inside.You left the room,shutting the door behind you.
~Le time skip!~
                                                        The invitation you were given told you to be at the Sugarcube Corner at four p.m.According to your watch,you were late by half an hour,mainly because you got lost a lot in the small town.You finally found the sweet shop,and burst inside.There were no party decorations up,nopony in sight.You paced around a bit,wondering were everybody was.The doors opened once again,and six male ponies entered the building.
"Oh hey,it's you again!Hiya there!"You jumped.The loud voice had scared you a bit.You whipped around to see a bright pink pony jumping up and down,looking very childish.
"Oh,hello again,Bubble Berry.I'm sorry I was late..."You sighed.You hated when you were late to anything,even to bed.
"Oh,no way dude.You're almost an hour early."A rainbow-maned pegasus spoke up.His voice was deep,his mane was spiked.His tail was the same six colors as his mane,also spiked,just like his multi-colored mane.His cutie mark was a cloud,with a tri-color lightning bolt under it.
"I'm Rainbow Blitz,and this is Dusk Shine,Butterscotch,Elusive,and Applebuck.You've obviously already met Bubble Berry.",he said,introducing each of the ponies,pointing a hoof at them as he spoke.You nodded in turn.You indeed had already met Bubble Berry,and Applebuck too.
"Um...hi...could you us...set up?"A shy voice spoke up.It was Butterscotch.He was so shy,it was absolutely cute.You wanted to smile,but you remebered your rule.
Canterlot ponies don't smile.
You nodded again,and Bubble Berry smiled wider.
"Great!C'mon,help me get the decorations!",the bright pink pony said,leading you towards the back of the shop.You were soon led to a closet,full of party decorations and favors.It looked like it could be a party room in and of itself,it was that big.
"Helloooooo..."A voice snapped you out of your thoughts.Bubble Berry was waving a hoof in your face.He put it down,and,probably for the first time in his happy life,wore a worried expression on his face.
"Is something wrong?You seemed kinda down and out there for a moment."
"Yes,I'm alright.Let's get those decorations.",you said,using your magic to pick out several things from within the closet.They seemed fit for the type of party Bubble Berry was having,so you kicked the door closed and walked the way you had come.
"Wow,you're a natural party decorator!I was going to pick out the same stuff!"Bubble Berry was jumping up and down.You blushed.You had never really thought yourself as a good decorator before.
"Yeah, let's get down to decorating this place!",Rainbow Blitz said when you and Bubble Berry were back with the decorations.
                                                      You sighed.'Finally done!And just in time,it's about four.',you thought as you sat down in a booth.Soon a couple ponies every few minutes would walk in the door to the sweet shop,smiling and laughing like there was'nt a care in the world.You were jealous of them all,because they were allowed to smile,and you were not.
"Hey,you seem sad again.What's going on?"A pink stallion slid into the booth with you.It was Bubble Berry,who wore that worried expression on his face again."C'mon,you've got to smile!",he said,and he smiled widely.
"But Canterlot ponies don't smile...",you protested,frowning.
"Dusk is a Canterlot pony,and he smiles!So why can't you?"
You know,maybe he had a point.Why could'nt you smile?
And then it happened.
You smiled a true,genuine smile.For the first time in your entire life,you had actually smiled.
"See,now you have it!C'mon,come enjoy the party!"Bubble Berry motioned to the center of the room.You giggled.You swept him up in a hug,catching him by surprise.
"Thank you,Bubble Berry.You finally taught me how to smile.",you said,as a happy tear escaped your (e/c) eyes.He returned the embrace,a warm smile planted across his blushing face.He kissed your forehead lightly.You blushed harder,you had never been kissed before,not even pecked.Somepony started cheering "kiss",and the rest of the crowd followed suit.The cheer grew louder,and your crimson cheeks grew an even darker shade of red.You were suddenly caught off guard by a pair of soft lips pressing against yours.You realized it was Bubble Berry.You sank into the kiss,pressing your own lips to his.He broke away for air,his cheeks painted with a dark magenta.The crowd cheered as loud as ever,some were even throwing around confetti.You smiled again.His bright blue eyes sparkled,and you smiled even wider.
"Let's have a song for these two!"Rainbow Blitz yelled,and a unicorn with a blue striped mane and tail put a record in her dj set,and played it.
You sighed happily.
This was the best night of your entire life.
part two of :iconartisan-garden:'s's a reader insert,as you might have guessed.XD
part one can be found here:[link]
read part one first!
credit for the original plot idea goes to :iconartisan-garden:
i hope you like it!
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SoulsGF Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was so good! You did an awesome part on part two.
invadersharie Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Artist
I just submitted a new fluff story if you want to read it!…
DJthehedgehog1 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that was indeed the best fucking night ever
invadersharie Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student Artist
XD damn right!
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So cute ☺
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